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Increase ROI Immediately

No learning curve. Press a button to start your follow up campaign. Spend more time on new leads, and closing more sales. See immediate results as more deals close.

Engage Every Lead. Boost Productivity

More leads means more neglect from time limited sales reps. never stops working and gives every lead the attention it needs on complete autopilot.

Artificial Intelligence with a human touch

Chasing follow-ups is never fun. With no complaining, and no sick days, each lead feels important as though a real person is reaching out for their valued business.

why use salesrep ai?

Your Sales Reps Waste 50% of their time chasing leads, and they are not good at it. No more “Not enough time, bad and sick days or excuses”.

  • Never again lose a single customer

    At every step of the process and at every communication channel will contact every lead at the right time.

  • Free up your Sales Reps time

    Your sales team doesn’t need to spend it’s precious time on repeatitive and boring tasks that can be done better by

  • Close more customers

    With twice as more time and twice as more qualified leads you can focus on one task that brings results: closing more customers.

Meet Fully Autonomous Multi-channel Sales Intelligence

A simple push of a button in your CRM starts the follow up process for every lead your sales person needs to connect with. We follow up leads for months without getting tired. When a deal is not made during a contact, add the lead in the follow up process queue and we will do the rest.

sequence: Follow up 2

May 5, 2017 9:41 am

Day 1 May 5, 2017

  • Called: no aswer - Left a Voicemail May 5, 9:41 am EST
  • Email Sent May 5, 11:11 am EST
  • SMS Sent May 5, 2:41 pm EST
  • Called: no aswer May 5, 9:41 pm EST

Day 2 May 6, 2017

  • Called: no aswer - Left a Voicemail May 5, 9:41 am EST
  • Email Sent May 5, 11:11 am EST
  • SMS Sent May 5, 2:41 pm EST

phone calls with local presence will call leads on your behalf as often and as long as you want. We will call from local numbers and won’t bother your reps until we get the lead on the line. Once we do - we will tell them what the call is about and will then connect to your representative or intake department. If the lead is unavailable we will leave a voicemail or hang up to call back at a later time.

AI SMS and emails messages

SMS is sent from local numbers and Emails are sent from your reps personal accounts just as if they were sending them. With an AI element, when we receive a message from a lead, we can understand the meaning and act on it. AI can politely Stop or Delay a sequence; Schedule or Reschedule a call; and answer simple questions so you don’t have to.


To start automation simply change the lead status in your CRM as you usually do, and forget about it. Concentrate on generating new leads and selling contacted leads. Every single action does will be recorded into your CRM as notes for that particular lead. Once a contact with a lead has been established and your attention is needed you will get notified or auto connected to the call with a lead.

FULL CRM Integrations

I've never used anything similar to that Automation and I'm really happy to have integrated with It’s the best sales automation tool. It’s easy to use, well designed and precisely tailored to our needs. Awesome product.

Chris Rock

Founder & CEO, Pro Tech Auto Systems

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